Our Vision


In the Gospel of John, Jesus invites his first disciples to follow him by saying, “Come and see.” Ever since that first invitation to discipleship by Jesus himself, generations have become followers of Jesus through the invitation of others. Most of us can point to someone -- a parent, a teacher, a neighbor, a friend -- who invited us to “come and see.” And of course, through the gospel, Jesus himself is extending an invitation to all to a deeper trust in the promises of God.

WHLC is focused on developing a culture of invitation at every level, where we are more comfortable in sharing our faith and focused on inviting others to “come and see.” 

As an ever larger segment of our society consists of those who have little or no exposure to or background in the Christian faith, unhelpful and inaccurate stereotypes of religion dominate the media and popular culture, and a “spiritual but not religious” sub-population has little idea of what it actually means to be religious, there is an urgent need for faith formation. Formation is different from education. Formation is not only about learning content but also about being immersed in spiritual practices that shape how one lives, indeed, that shape one’s very being.

WHLC is committed to nourishing those spiritual practices that form Christian character and identity: prayer, scripture study, generosity, worship in community, mutual support and encouragement.

Jesus calls us to love God through serving others. Our Lutheran heritage confirms that faith is always active in love for the neighbor. Furthermore, we do not choose the neighbor to serve, rather the neighbor is given to us by God. The Spirit leads us to notice and to serve the neighbor in need. Another way see this concept as a congregation would be to ask the popular question “What would Jesus do?” If Jesus were to walk around the neighborhood in which WHLC is located, what would he see and what would he do? The implication is that we will learn to see as Jesus sees and to do as Jesus does.

WHLC is committed to follow Jesus’ call to serve our neighbors locally and globally.

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